Over the years we've had dozens of clients who've approached us for assistance with importing from China and we are delighted to now be able to offer a product sourcing service from China.


Sourcing from manufacturers or suppliers across the other side of the world is a very difficult and challenging task. Miscommunication, quality issues and delayed shipments are just some of the problems which can occur.


The Sourcing Process

Find Vendor > Price Negotiations > Sampling Arrangements > Quality Assurance > Order Placement > Shipping


Benefits of this service

1. Our native buyers have a local presence in Mainland China.

2. Accurate & authentic Information.

3. Factory visits to ensure your work is completed to a high quality and the manufacturing process complies with your companies values.

4. Best Prices guaranteed.


  • Basic Package- Details of 2 to 3 suppliers who we recommend for the product you would like to import.
  • Full- Our buyers will take care of the whole process for you: finding suitable suppliers, negotiating, quality control and shipping. 

Product Sourcing from China



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